Meet Dr. Stacy Burdick

I am a clinical pastoral doctor, the founder of Behavioral Health LLC, a personhood-centered business dedicated to building better relationships by story-listening with compassion and adding value to the storyteller by appropriating the particular substance of empathy. My experience spans more than forty years of helping people internalize that their life matters. I have provided multi-cultural person-valuing services both domestically and internationally serving alongside well-established organizations: World Relief International, providing refugee resettlement; Union Gospel Mission, providing Bilingual pastoral services; the local Psychiatric Crisis Center providing contract crisis respite; local law enforcement, providing death notifications, crisis management, and clinical pastoral services; Oregon State Hospital, providing chaplain services; Good Samaritan Hospital as an on-call chaplain and currently as a contract Behavioral Health therapist, providing assessment and therapy for NWMBW Clinic. I have equipped hurting people to be conversive with their pain story; in so doing, my patients have experienced resolve and internalized personal value. These experiences are transformative, inviting the willing to transcend their pain and experience hope that will not disappoint.