• A Biopsychosociospiritual Taxonomy

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Sadly, and far too pervasive, submerged pain–narratives are so easily hidden and are historically, sometimes trapping humankind within gross diachronic amniotic darkness, where it is difficult to breath. Embodied within this murky quality of inundated, panic–ridden, personal pain; unresolved pain is conceiving a murderer, nurturing unhealthy, dysfunctional generativity. This gravid amniote of hidden pain is as a lurking executioner, ready and able to dehumanize and kill: Bio by Psycho by Socio and Spiritual means. This readiness is a disturbing, diachronic constant; a vicious variable common to all life and living.When I reflect upon the intra–interpersonal experiences of my patients, empathy seems uncommon. Yet, what my patients, and all humankind, share in common is an undeniable connection with pain. The narrative connected to one's pain is meant to be shared not locked up in the dark recesses of ones' humanity. Unlocking one's pain–story, the Sufferer, may encounter intra–interpersonal relationships (IPRs) characterized by suffering, sharing, perseverance, character, compassion, empathy, and hope but not limited to these, along the way of their pilgrimage with pain. Other IPRs may involve oneself with breaking generational curses, conceiving healthy generativity, and embodying the resources to help others with a particular substance of empathy to help build better relationships. Building better relationships is a vigorous heart–wrenching journey. This book is an invitation to begin such a heartfelt journey.

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Building better relationships is a vigorous heart-wrenching journey. This book is an invitation to begin such a heartfelt journey.